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1. Meet

The initial meeting ensures that Prominent Media is the right fit for you and your business, as we gather your requirements. Web-based software is an investment, and we want to make sure we a right for each other, to give you the maximum return on that investment.

2. Questionnaire

Our 20-question survey ensures that we know precisely what you want from your system, and how best we should go about turning your dream into a reality. It helps us ensure that our developers, the designers and yourselves are all on the same page.

3. Design

During the design process, we employ the services of graphic designers who can guarantee that your website looks both aesthetically pleasing and right for your brand. We don't start work on the front-end until you are completely happy.

4. Build

This is where the coding comes in. Our experienced team works together to make sure that what’s under the hood of the ‘car’ is just as great as its external look. For us, this is the fun bit.

5. Launch

The big day! Your site goes live, ready to become an asset to you and your business. We have already put in place any redirections required, meaning that your original system will seamlessly be replaced with the new one.

6. Improve

For us, the process doesn’t simply end with the website launch. We continue to test your site once it is completed, ensuring there are no bugs or tripwires that weren’t found during the build. We will discuss a development plan to continually improve the software.

And critically...

7. Support

For as long as your website is hosted with us, we will send regular traffic reports so that you know precisely how well your website is performing. We remain available to answer any queries or offer advice. If you want any improvements made to your site after its launch, Prominent Media is happy to discuss and make changes. The conversation – and partnership – between your site and Prominent Media keeps going forward.

"We make sure we fully understand the brief before we do anything. It means we can get the project up and running for you more quickly and we know what outcome you want from it.

We have a good reputation and we want you to recommend us or use us again yourself. If our work doesn’t bring you the results you want, you won’t come back! That’s why we have a growing team in-house to build your website, install your WebShop, set up a high-end content management system or create bespoke software applications – and to make sure it’s exactly what you want."

Iain Row

Managing Director

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